1st Phorm is a leading fitness and nutritional supplement company committed to a vision of game changing individual success. Their philosophy is based on the idea that “fear must be eliminated, faith must prevail, and you have to trust wholeheartedly that you can achieve and become your vision.” The company’s products help athletes and ordinary people alike remain committed to their own strength, courage, and ability to do great things. Supplements are just one facet of their brand. They also sell athletic gear, and utilize athletic spokespeople to motivate people towards greatness.

LaRen entered a personal, revealing video in the 2014 1st Phorm athlete search. She spoke about her struggles with a dysfunctional family and her relationship with food and exercise throughout her life. 1st Phorm was impressed with her submission, and she was taken on as a sponsored 1st Phorm athlete.

LaRen’s fitness story goes back to when she was in grade school. She participated in Varsity volleyball, golf, and was an avid snowboarder. Within her first 3 months in college, she had embraced the college lifestyle of eating and drinking whenever she wanted. Eventually, she discovered a passion for weightlifting and reclaimed her body.

Her “never settle” attitude allows her to live without limits and inspire others to do the same. She encourages everyone to push themselves in whatever their goals may be, saying that the biggest step in making a change for the better is committing to making that change. Every person has incredible potential and should never settle for an ordinary life.

LaRen remains a source of athletic inspiration today as a 1st Phorm athlete.

Watch her 1st Phorm entry below.