Before Marisa LaRen ever appeared on Ink Masters, she was active in school and extracurricular sports, eventually participating in fitness competitions. She was picked up as a 1st Phorm athlete to help promote their brand of fitness and lifestyle supplements.

LaRen says that she has had a love of sports since she was an adolescent, and that she was on her golf and varsity volleyball teams in high school. In addition to high school sports participation, LaRen was also an avid snowboarder.  Her love of physical activity kept her fit and strong though her teen years.

That all changed when she started going to college at 17 where she was seduced by the party lifestyle. Drinking and eating anything she wanted, LaRen gained 55lbs on her 5’3 frame in 3 months, leaving her physically and mentally drained.

She hit a breaking point and decided to make a change for the better and began weight training. LaRen “fell in love with the gym,” and committed to competing in her first fitness competition. After just a year of weight training experience, she placed an impressive 3rd in the Colorado State Fitness Competition. Not only did weightlifting help LaRen reclaim her body and mind, it helped to alleviate the chronic pain of a snowboarding accident that left her spine compressed. She has shared that leg day is her favourite day at the gym, and that she loves being able to push herself.

After sculpting her body though hard work and training, LaRen wanted to memorialize her effort by modeling for 3 photoshoots. She has an attitude that anything is possible if you commit to your goals and give them 100%.

Today, LaRen is a 1st Phorm athlete, promoting their line of protein, vitamins, and athletic gear. She credits her spokesperson position at 1st Phorm to the fitness competition that got her foot in the fitness industry.