Melisa LaRen is a rising star in the world of tattoo artistry with a bold neotraditional style. She utilizes strong lines and intense contrast between shade and colour to bring her artwork to life.

LaRen’s interest in tattoos was sparked after she transitioned from homeschooling to public schooling in the 6th grade. This opened her up to a world of self expression she never knew existed. She drew inspiration from her heavy metal and hardcore idols. At just 11 years old, she knew that she wanted to get tattoos, and practiced drawing expansive leg pieces on herself with markers. By 19 she received her first tattoo on her ribcage, a Hawaiian poem she wrote, from her mentor, Erik Campbell.

After practicing tattoo artistry as an apprentice under Erik Campbell for 3 years, she was a part of Spike’s reality TV show, Ink Masters. Given that she had significantly less experience than her competition, the show was a bold step forward in her career. She went face to face with her mentor, eventually being eliminated from the ranks. Had she succeeded in beating out the competition, she would have been the 1st female winner of the show.

Today, she works at Vatican Tattoos and Timeless Craft Tattoos in Florida, gaining experience in her field in hopes of becoming a household name in the tattoo industry.